What is a Legal Nurse Consultant? There Are Many Jobs to Choose From

There are many options to look into when going into nursing. One of the first steps on the ladder is to become a registered nurse, which requires you to obtain a degree. Once you have this you can then consider gaining further education and then entering into one of the numerous aspects of nursing higher up. One of the positions you might want to consider looking into is becoming a legal nurse consultant.

What is a legal nurse consultant?

The role of the consultant evolves bridging the gap between those in medicine and judicial system. Being a consultant in this way requires you to combine and use your experience gained in the clinical environment and in specialized health care environments. This experience would then used by you, the consultant, and allows you to analyze and interpret matters relating to medical issues, which have arisen as part of a legal claim.

Where might a consultant work?

A nurse consultant of this nature could hold a position of employment in a wide variety of places. This could include but my not be limited to the following

  • working alongside insurance companies
  • offices for Government
  • law firm office work
  • in the risk management sector of a hospital or clinic
  • working alongside an independent practitioner
  • working for a consulting firm
  • Starting your own legal consulting firm

What does the job entail?

There could be numerous aspects to the duties of a legal consultant nurse, which can make it a very interesting and exciting career.

Finding, searching and reviewing medical records- one of the many duties is deciding whether or not any medical negligence has occurred and this can involve tracking down, searching and reviewing medical records. This works in two ways, first you may be able to find out if there has been any tampering with medical records to hide something. Second, records will hold any treatment and related injuries or conditions relating to the claim.

Private investigator – investigation will usually play a huge role in the work of any legal consultant. You may be asked to look into disability claims to see if they have merit. Look into fraud in the cases of such as Medicare claims and other Government agencies. You may be asked to search for evidence of misconduct for example in the case of a claim against a practitioner or other health care facility.

Prepare reports for trial – should a case go to trial, then part of your job could entail preparation of reports, summaries and other related medical facts to be used as evidence in the trial. You may also work closely with the attorney conducting depositions.

Appearing as a witness in a court case- many times in court cases relating to medical claims, an expert witness is used and you as a legal nurse consultant, may be asked to be that witness. This may be based on findings you have discovered relating to that particular case. You may also search and find the best expert witness who is relevant to the case in question, whose testimony of the medical facts, can literally win your case.